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Kristin Winkle Beck, Founder  & CEO

Kristin is the founder of Pivot Point Professionals, LLC. After more than 20

years successfully leading teams and business units in Financial

Services, Kristin made a purposeful pivot in her own life to pursue

a new vocational calling as an Executive Coach. Passionate about helping people find and follow their purpose in an authentic way, Kristin is an enthusiastic coach, optimistic problem solver, and servant leader. She loves to build relationships, tackle new challenges, and achieve great results. She believes in the power of prayer, planning, hard work, and a great cup of coffee to help along the way.

Kristin grew up in a rural farming community in Ohio and migrated south to attend college, escape harsh winters, and practice southern hospitality. She earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology and a certificate for Nonprofit Leadership from Wake Forest University (Go Deacs!) She has a heart for serving others in her community and has traveled abroad on several mission trips. Kristin is a voracious learner and loves adventure— especially exploring new cities, restaurants, and consignment stores. Along with her husband, she enjoys cooking and hosting friends in their North Carolina home.


Kristin's Pivot Points


An overachiever from an early age, Kristin was self-motivated to earn good grades and pursue her dreams of going to college in the South.  During her freshman year at Wake Forest University, she made her first purposeful pivot by abandoning her dream of becoming a doctor to pursue a degree in Psychology.  As she approached graduation, Kristin’s intuition pivoted her away from graduate school plans, and she started applying for corporate management jobs.


Kristin enthusiastically moved 500 miles away from home and jumped into corporate America with Capital One Financial, Inc.  Over the next seven years, she worked hard, learned valuable leadership skills, and experienced success in progressive management roles. After leaving Capital One, Kristin navigated several major personal and professional pivot points over four years, including marriage, three new jobs in different states, and six residential moves. Throughout the turbulence of new jobs with Bank of America and GE Consumer Finance, frequently moving, and an unexpected layoff, she met each pivot with optimism and a solid plan. 


An unexpected divorce prompted Kristin to make another abrupt pivot; she relied on her deepening faith and loved ones for emotional support.  She worked hard, sought volunteer opportunities, and trusted she was on the right path.  Kristin continued to experience professional success, expanding her industry influence and increasing her impact. As her success grew, Kristin became less fulfilled by her professional accomplishments.  No amount of financial success, increasing team size, or fancy new title seemed to offset the tug on her heart to slow down, step back, and re-evaluate.


Kristin took regular weekend retreats to recharge from her grueling work schedule. She was weary, frustrated, and depleted.  On a spring retreat in 2016, she felt called to pursue greater volunteer opportunities instead of changing jobs. This prompted her to complete Wake Forest University’s Non-Profit Business Essentials certificate program.  


Throughout the summer of 2017, Kristin’s soul still yearned for more “REST," despite numerous retreats and vacations. The verse “Come to me all who labor and are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest” from Matthew 11:28 kept popping up in Kristin’s life. She began to consider a lengthy sabbatical.  She listened to podcasts, read books, reviewed her finances, and prayed fervently about the prospect of leaving her job. A leave of absence from her company would only prolong the inevitable— Kristin was being called out of her job and her comfort zone.


In late 2017, Kristin pivoted out of the workforce. Excited and slightly terrified, she traveled around the country in 2018  reconnecting with family and friends. She indulged in passions like reading, volunteering, and learning. She explored new cities, new activities, and rested frequently. She enthusiastically said “yes” to try new activities like sketching and stand-up paddle-board yoga. She also founded Pivot Point Professionals towards the end of her sabbatical.  However, her best "YES!" came in the fall of 2018 following an irresistible marriage proposal from the love of her life.


Kristin is energized by encouraging others and earned her Certified Group Coach and Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC)

credentials from Christian Coach Institute, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coaching program.  She now enthusiastically looks forward to helping other executives and professionals make purposeful pivots in their own lives. 


Here’s to continuing to navigate life’s pivot points with passion and purpose!


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