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Favorite books, podcasts, and blogs to inspire your purposeful pivot!

Career PROgressions Podcast
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Discovering Courage Podcast

Rest. Recharge. Refocus. Kristin Winkle Beck, Executive Coach at and Founder of Pivot Point Professionals, did just this when she made the unconventional choice to resign from her job and take a sabbatical so that she could get clear on her next right move. She shares great tips to help restore balance in life, things to ponder when considering taking a sabbatical, insights on success, and the power of getting intentional even in the undesired pivotal moments of our lives

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Remote Pathways Podcast

​In episode #26 of the Remote Pathways podcast, Kristin Winkle Beck, the founder of Pivot Point Professionals is featured as a returning guest in a fun and engaging conversation around pivoting towards purpose with passion! ​​If you've been stuck in a career rut, or re-entering the job market, but don't know where to start, you don't want to miss this episode of Remote Pathways!

In this episode we explore:

  • The year sabbatical she embarked upon in 2017

  • Kristin's MAJOR pivot that opened the door to where she is today

  • Evaluating, Aligning, and Planning an intentional course of action

  • Remaining open to opportunities and enjoying the present

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