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What our clients have to say...

"Exciting news, I got hired as a design contractor for Johnson & Johnson!! I'm going to be working with them to design and create illustrations for Instructions for Use packets in medical devices, as well as some packaging design. Thanks for all your help, I really think it was instrumental in getting me noticed by the recruiter and helped a lot with the interview process."

~ Caiti from Illinois

Pivoted to new Medical Illustrator position following COVID furlough

Young Academic Girl

"As a mid-career professional seeking to leave the fast-paced, bottom-line corporate environment, I sought out Kristin's expertise to guide my exploration and move to another industry. Through in-depth personality assessments and strengths-based coaching, she helped me tremendously to navigate the process of making a career change mid-life.  With her remarkable sense of intuition, she was able to ask just the right questions to help me prepare my resume as a career changer.  With Kristin's help, I was able to move forward, away from my "stuck" patterns of thinking, and come to realize that I could indeed transition to a new career that aligned more with my true strengths. As a result, I feel more confident than ever to pursue my new goals!"

                                                    ~ Christine from North Carolina

                  Pivoted from "surviving" to "thriving" in staffing industry


"I engaged Kristin at the proverbial "mid-life crisis". My parents were both facing end-of-life, and I retired to become their caregiver/legal guardian. I brainstormed a basic plan for a sabbatical but was having difficulty moving forward. During our sessions, Kristin used provocative questioning

techniques to get me from mental notes to a tangible action plan. She

listened with care not just to what I was saying, but how I was saying it

through word choice and inflections to gauge the authenticity of my mindset.

Within just a few sessions, she led me to a point where I finished a major

project required of my legal guardian duties, researched short-term education

pursuits to complement my resume (I’ll receive a graduate certificate from

Cornell) and applied for the perfect role at a new company and received a

job offer that I accepted! If you find yourself at the point of inertia or a season when your heart calls on change, I encourage you to reach out to Kristin. She has a personable, approachable style that motivates you to embrace your life priorities and make them happen. You will see your future self in a new way and be inspired to be that person."


  ~ Monica from Virginia

 Pivoted from Banking to a Sabbatical to Client Experience


Handshake 1

 "When I was given the opportunity to change careers and fields, Kristin’s careful coaching and guidance helped me through the process. Drawing on her expertise in management roles, she helped me brainstorm, helped me identify what I was truly passionate about, researched potential interview questions, and served as an amazing support system. As a result, I got the job!" 

 ~ Rick from Massachusetts

 Pivoted from Information Technology to Federal Emergency Management 

"I had found myself at a crossroads after 15 years in the same field. Not sure of which direction to go, Kristin provided me with the tools I needed to make the move.  It has been years since I created a resume, and Kristin was very helpful in assisting me.  She was one of the reasons the transition to my new position went so smoothly."

~ Kelly from Ohio
Pivoted from Insurance to Public Education
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