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First Day Jitters

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

All the COOL kids are going Back To School!

You know that feeling when the butterfly wings in the pit of your stomach are flapping so fast you swear others can see your shirt moving? Or when the thundering of your racing heart is beating so hard and fast you worry it may pound right out of your chest? First day jitters are real. These physical symptoms are a manifestation of the emotional energy and excitement that comes from boldly stepping into something new, something unknown, and something yet to be experienced. It’s been over ten years since I felt those familiar jitters as I walked onto the first day of my former job. Today, as I prepare to start a new coaching certification program, I am welcoming and embracing the first day jitters. It’s a sign that I am excited, energized, and passionate about doing my best in a new environment—one that is preparing me for a brand new career adventure.

With experience comes greater self-awareness, along with the confidence and courage to challenge the status quo and to demand better of yourself and others. I had grown too comfortable, too indifferent, and too personally unfulfilled with my work over the last few years. My favorite aspect of my previous jobs has always been building relationships and developing others. I am passionate about encouraging others, helping them achieve their full potential, and watching them successfully grow. So today, I am taking a bold leap into a new direction. I’m excited for my first day “back to school” to learn new coaching skills and techniques to add to my arsenal of professional leadership experience.

I recently had the privilege of attending the Global Leadership Summit, and something Bishop T.D. Jakes shared has stuck with me, “When you are petrified, you are electrified!” When is the last time you were truly electrified? If it’s been awhile, then let me encourage you look for an opportunity to try something new—even if it’s small—to stretch outside your comfort zone so you can experience the possibilities that lie ahead. Here’s to fully embracing those “First Day Jitters” and electrifying all those on your path, today, tomorrow, and always!

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